Automatic flush

Automatic flush allows you to transfer any remaining funds from a card used to pay a subscription to the main pool of funds. This occurs once the recurring payment has been made.

Let’s look at an example:

  • I set up a new application with its corresponding payment and I enabled automatic flush.
  • Usually, I am charged around £25, but it varies month-to-month, so I set a budget of £30.
  • Once the merchant charges the card each month, the remaining amount that I allocated to the card will be sent back to my main account, so that other apps can make use of those funds.

You don't need to do anything if you set up automatic flush, as it will be done automatically after the merchant charges the card.

This is great functionality for apps and services whose subscription charge varies, as it allows you to have as many funds as possible available for all apps and avoid having unused pounds or euros scattered among several cards.  

If you expect to make more than one payment per cycle, you should not use automatic flush because once the first payment is taken from the card, the remaining funds will be flushed, and thus other payments within the same time frame won't be processed automatically. 

To enable automatic flash, please check the support article on how to make changes to an application. 

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