Pull incoming workflows from your HRIS system

We partner with Merge to integrate with your HRIS systems. This means that whenever there are staff changes, a task automatically appears in Cledara's Incoming workflow section for you to triage and process.

Integrate with your HRIS system

To set up the HR integration, you will need to have admin rights to the HRIS platform.

To connect your HR account, you can click on Set up my HR integration at the top of the Onboarding tab:

Screenshot (2).png

Or, you can head to Settings > Integrations > HR Information System directly to set up the integration:

Screenshot (3).png

Click Connect to initiate the authentication through Merge. You will be guided to log into your HRIS. See the recommended ways below to set it up:

Data Privacy

Your data privacy is important for Cledara. We only request information that is essential to the functioning of the feature. During access request, among the data that Merge asks for permission to read by default, only the following personal data will be passed on to and stored in Cledara:

    • Name
    • Team
    • Work email
    • Avatar
    • Workflow type and due date


Manage who can see your Incoming workflows

By default, only the Primary Contact has visibility on the Incoming workflows. 

To manage who can see and act on the data pulled from your HRIS, clickScreenshot.png and scroll down to Incoming workflows access

Users added to this list will be able to see new arrivals, soon departures, and be able to create a workflow in Cledara:

Screenshot (1).png


Incoming workflows

Once you are all set, tasks will come through within 24 hours of any staff changes:

Screenshot (7).png

With one simple click under Action, you can create an Onboarding or Offboarding workflow in Cledara, or delete the entry to discard the suggestion if it requires no action in Cledara.

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